PayPal merchant setup for REST API

Attention! The PayPal REST API supports merchants in a number of countries for PayPal account payments and direct credit card payments. The PayPal REST Payment API supports currencies listed in the PayPal REST API Country and Currency Support page.

How to get client ID and secret.

Before getting started of using PayPal gateway you should sign up a new account on

Create new PayPal account

and create new application.

Create new app Create new app

Next step is a copying client ID and Secret values from PayPal app and pasting them to pixlpark dashboard.

NOTE! There are two modes:

  • test mode;
  • live mode.

Please, use client ID and secret from LIVE section for live mode.

Test mode (Sandbox section):

Client ID and secret for test mode

Live mode (Live section):

Client ID and secret for live mode

Pixlpark dashboard.

Settings → Payment → Paypal (REST) section.

For test mode:

Enable test mode

For live mode:

Enable live mode